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About Us

Gold Tree Pacific is a lifestyle brand built by a two-wheeled passion. Quality leather goods, Made in U.S.A., lead GTP's identity and provide everyone from moto-addicts to leather-goods-seeking Janes and Joes with products constructed for their daily needs.

The first set of side bags were hand cut, stitched, and sewn. Though providing durability and style, this method lead to an inability to replicate the product quickly for the friends and family looking for the same type of design. It was from these requests that Marc decided this product should be produced on a larger scale. After some diligent research, a U.S.A. based manufacturer was found, a deal was struck, and Gold Tree Pacific began its first steps towards what it is today. 

Gold Tree Pacific was originally constructed on a simple motorcycle based principal, storage. The typical storage options available needed metal brackets and didn't pair well with the classic motorcycle style. With this design gap in the market Marc Goldbaum, owner and avid motorcycle rider, decided that design and functionality do not have to be mutually exclusive and began to work on GTP's first product prototype. 

That's Us!

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