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These Moto Side Bags are our flagship product! These top-notch leather sacs are designed to be used with your gloves on (or off). Handmade Made in the U.S.A., Organic Vegitable Tanned Leather, and Vintage Inspiration that tells your story as you break it in!

Moto Bag

$279.00 Regular Price
$209.25Sale Price
  • If our product doesn't arrive to your expectations, let us know! Feel free to contact us with your concerns and we will do what we can to resolve the issue. If returning the item is the plan for you, please do so within 30 days and keep in mind that we cannot accept items returned scratched, scraped, missformed, damaged, or just plain not the way it was sent to you in order to receive your full refund. We want to make sure the user for each product has a blank canvas in which to tell their story!

  • If you're looking to order a PAIR of bags, make sure to place a LEFT & a RIGHT bag into your Cart!

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