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Installation Manual

Welcome to an in depth Installation Guide!

On this Blog Post we take an in depth look at the installation of our Moto Bags. Additional 'Pro Tip's and 'Note's are laid out for you along the way to help your own installation go smoothly!

First, lets pick a spot! When installing one of our Moto Bags onto a Triumph Bonneville, we recommend removing the side cover and replacing it with our Moto Bag. This location allows for ease of use while on the move or while stationary!

To remove the side cover, you can use a flathead screwdriver or even a coin! We've found that a Quarter works well to remove this screw.

Once the screw has been removed, pull the cover towards you, bottom first. While the cover is in the position shown (as pictured bellow), you may then slide the cover upwards. This will allow for the two tabs on the top of the cover to be freed.

Next, let's remove the seat!

This is done by using a 5mm Allen wrench.

PRO TIP: If you do not have an Allen Wrench of this size, Most Triumph Bonnevilles come with a 5mm Allen wrench. Located under the Right Side Cover, next to the FUSE box, this little guy can be handy in tight situations for seat removal! NOTE: Over the years, sometimes the wrench can go missing.

Congratulations! You have now successfully removed your seat and side cover! Don't let all of the wires alarm you, they're supposed to be there. From this point forward, we will be attaching the bag to the frame/chassis of the motorcycle. During this portion, we must make sure not to wrap our straps directly onto any fragile hoses or wires.

We recommend starting from the top and working your way down. This allows for an easier installation process.

First, loop your top right strap around the frame as shown to the left. Leave the strap a bit loose as this will make it easier to attach the rest of the straps.

Once your Right strap has been connected, slide the Left strap under and through the portion of the frame located closer to the fuel tank.

NOTE: This may take a bit of wiggling and maneuvering to get it through.

Here's an additional view from the top!

After the strap has been successfully pulled through the narrow opening, you will simply bring it right back to the buckle and strap it together!


At this point, remember to leave the top straps a bit lose to allow for easier attachment of the bottom and side straps!

For your next strap, you have two different location options to choose from (that we recommend). First there is the motor-mount location as pictured bellow.

This location is a great a durable spot which exposes some of the cool straps used to connect the bag. From this attachment location, you can show off some more of your solid brass buckles!

The next location will allow for a more discrete attachment and will give your

bag more of a "floating" appeal.

We realize that this spot seems a bit counterintuitive. It is! But, once all straps have been tightened down, this location makes for a very pleasant fitment.

Your Bottom Right strap is pretty straight forward. Strap it on nice and tight as we will begin to tighten the whole bag down shortly.

If a tidy look is appealing to you, bellow is how we do our Strap-Knot.

Once buckled in place, slide the end of the strap under and through the opening between the leather and the frame of the motorcycle. Make sure to leave a nice little loop to bring the end of the strap back into.

Grab the end of the strap and push it through the little loop that you have left yourself. You may need to wiggle the leather around and pull it through little by little. This is normal since the leather is still breaking in.

Once you have successfully pulled the end of the strap through, give it a bit of a tug to assure it has been secured successfully.

Then do the same for the Top Right strap!

With all straps attached, go through and tighten them all up. You may need to adjust and readjust until the bag is sittin' pretty on the side of your motorcycle.

All that is left to do it reinstall the seat and the two 5mm Allen Bolts! Once you have securely fastened the seat back onto your motorcycle, take a step back and admire your self-installed accomplishment! You did it yourself and, dang, that looks good.

Follow us on Instagram @gold_tree_pacific and make sure to check back periodically for more tutorials and product information!


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